Being aware of the needs and having the experience and the understanding of the Mykonos market for many years, the objective of his Agency became “the proper and reliable transactions” with his customers. The Agency, and always in collaboration with the customer, is in the position to propose the more proper and careful selection concerning the buying and selling transactions, taking under consideration the individual desires, needs and requirements. Mykonos Real Estate: Paradise Living For Every Season! Whether you desire to live year-round in the islands of Greece or just visit your ideal holiday spot, your dream home awaits! Many beautiful villas, houses and apartments are available for purchase or rental on Mykonos. If you are looking to build your dream home, vacant property may be purchased, as well. Alternately known as the “jewel” or the “Venice” of the Agean, and the “Capri of Greece”, it is apparent that Mykonos holds a magical quality for many. The idyllic Greek island of Mykonos lies in the Agean Sea, about 150 kilometers to the east of Athens, in the Cyclades island group. Populated by about 11,000 people, Mykonos is the smallest of these islands, occupying only about 90 square kilometers. Mykonos is a popular tourist destination, due to its mild climate and natural beauty. The island is arid and sparsely vegetated, with average temperatures reaching about 82 F (28 C). Sunny days are standard fare for nearly 80% of the year. With hundreds of historic churches and dozens of picturesque windmills scattered amongst the clean white landscape of its residences and businesses, Mykonos is slow-paced and friendly. More than twenty beaches punctuated by fishing villages occupy the coasts of Mykonos. You too, can make Mykonos your primary home or your perfect getaway! We can help you find your consummate choice, for worry-free living, on this idyllic island! Our experienced real estate agents can assist you in selecting the right property, at the right price. We can provide you with expert services to accomodate your individual tastes and budget, from the most basic studio apartment to a luxury beach estate. Let us help you find your Mykonos island retreat, for a day or for a lifetime!